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As part of our LGBT Acronym exhibition, we have put together a online resource list. This is a work in progress, and we’d love it if you could suggest something to our list. There’s a box below for you to write in your suggestions, or you can email us at hens@womenslibrary.org.uk

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Youtube playlist

Click below to browse through our YouTube playlists 🙂

link to hens playlists on youtube

Magazine and community sites

This website is an online magazine and social network for queer women. It’s mostly a young, American crowd, though there are a lot of folk from the UK who contribute too.

After Ellen
Another magazine style website, aimed at young queer women. There’s a heavy pop culture and media focus (a good place to find out about TV shows and films with queer characters!). They say “AfterEllen.com works the lesbian/bi pop culture beat, with a fun, feminist perspective on film, television, music, books, and sports.”

LGBT Youth Scotland
LGBT Youth Scotland is an organisation that works with (as you might have guessed) LGBT youth in Scotland. They run youth groups throughout the country and offer online resources and support.

Original Plumbing
The offline publication focuses on trans men, and their website looks at wider trans* culture and issues.

The Asexual Visibility & Education Network (AVEN)
The biggest, oldest and largest community for asexual people. Lots of information and forums.

News articles and blog posts

My beef with Shakira and Rihanna? They’re making life harder for bisexuals Bella Qvist / The Guardian

Casey Stoney: England captain reveals her sexuality for first time (10 February, BBC News)

Reviewed: Fanny & Stella – The Young Men in Women’s Clothes Juliet Jacques / New Statesman
Juliet Jacques reviews Fanny and Stella by Neil McKenna, and talks about this trial from Victorian times, which was really important in terms of how sexuality and gender variance were treated by the legal system.

A Call for Cisgender Action Loraine / Better Humans: Medium.com
Loraine explains what cisgender means and why it’s so important for cisgender people to get involved in making things better.

Idol Worship: Julia Serano Talks To Autostraddle About Fixing Feminism Autostraddle
Julia Serrano talks about the need for inclusivity in feminisism. (Julia Serano is an amazing trans writer and activist. We have her books Whipping Girl and Excluded in the library.)

The Heroines of My Life blog: Interview with Roz Kaveney
Good interview with Roz Kaveney, great writer and trans activist. Roz is also very active on twitter, and you can find her here.

When I mention ‘my partner’ what do you assume? Bella Qvist / The Guardian

How life can be better for lesbian, gay, bi and trans people in 2014 Paris Lees / Vice

A Cover Girl Who’s Simply Himself Guy Trebay
Andre J.

More Than Words: Queer, Part 1 (The Early Years) Cara / Autostraddle

Dress to Kill, Fight to Win Dean Spade / LTTR

<a href="http://thickofit.com/post/19003857808 thickofit.com
“I want to pause for a minute and talk about queerness and clothing.”

I Think I Am In Friend-Love With You Yumi Sakugawa / Sadie Magazine

Transgender or Transgendered?

Tim Gunn Hasn’t Had Sex In 29 Years, And It’s None Of Our Fucking Business OZYFRANTZ / The Good Men Project
“good men project is generally a bit iffy but i love this article on tim gunn.”


Black Girl Dangerous Mia MacKenzie

Miss Crip Chick
Mia Mingus: Leaving Evidence


Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls Youtube channel
Not specifically LGBT, but a really lovely project for young women.


BUTCH by Meg Allen
A portrait project exploring butch gender identity/expression.

DAR: A Supergirly Top Secret Comic Diary by Erica Moen
This comic, by Erica Moen, ran for 6 years. Erica is an amazing, honest, funny, queer comic maker.

Hey, It’s Ayls! by Eilidh Nicholson
Eilidh, comic-maker extraordinaire, does a lot of work for Hens. You can see her work in our latest zine and in our exhibition. View more of her comics here.

Mark Aguhar

Mark (also known as Call Out Queen) was a really wonderful, insightful, young trans artist who died recently. Her activism and work was inspirational and after her death there were many tributes and thoughtful articles. Here are a few of those and a little bit of her work. Her tumblr and her art remain online, and it’d be really worth your while to spend some time looking through it all.

Mark Aguhar’s Critical Flippancy by Roy Pérez on Bully Bloggers

Mark Aguhar – Rest in Power by Iris at Bossy Femme

My First Denim Vest by Mark Aguhar

Call Out Queen Mark’s tumblr



The CreamsickleKatherine V. Forrest Selection
“i read this last year and it was absolutely amazing and like nothing i’d ever read before. a properly queer fictional world, pretty cheap on kindle.”

Other (super useful) places to go

All About Trans
Trans Media Watch
These two organisations are amazing places to go if you are interested in learning more about how trans people are represented in the media.

Lesbian Archive and Information Centre (LAIC)Timeline
This timeline lets you have a look around some of the things inside the National Lesbian Archive, which is now held in Glasgow Women’s Library.

Asexuality Archive
A huge amount of information gathered together – images, questions, experiences, and more.

youtubemagazine & community sitesnews articles & blog postsblogspodcastsartother (really useful) stuff


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