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LGBT Acronym Exhibition – Your thoughts!

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Hello Everyone.

As part of LGBT History month, we are creating an exhibition about the LGBT acronym. The acronym is a hugely significant thing to the LGBT community and has had an important and positive political and social impact in moves towards equality. We are going to use the GWL collections to chart the history for the community from “LG” to “LGB” to “LGBT”, and more recently to “LGBTQ” & LGBTQQIAA”.

What are the implications of having an acronym and why is it so important? Who does it leave out, and why is it important to be included? What are its limitations?

For this, we want to hear from you. What do you think of the LGBT acronym? How has it helped you? Has it alienated you? Has it had an impact on your identity? There are no right or wrong answers, but we would love to know what you think.

Please give us some of your opinions. We’d really love to hear from you and include your thoughts (anonymously if you would prefer) in our exhibition. You can get in contact on Facebook, send us a private message or email hens@womenslibrary.org.uk

Hens x



We are HENS TAE WATCH OOT FUR! The project was started as a partnership between the young people of LGBT Youth Scotland and Glasgow Women's Library, but has grown online and offline, and we welcome new members and contributors :) If you'd like more information, or to send us a submission, then please email hens@womenslibrary.org.uk

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