hens tae watch oot fur


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Determined, To be different and still be yourself.

Determined to be what you want to be,

Wear what you want to wear

and act how you want to act.

But People can be unfair, and look down at you

for who you are, how you dress, and act.

But Don’t look back now. You’ve came so far.

Don’t change for anyone,

no matter how they may treat you.

Be determined to finish what you started.



We are HENS TAE WATCH OOT FUR! The project was started as a partnership between the young people of LGBT Youth Scotland and Glasgow Women's Library, but has grown online and offline, and we welcome new members and contributors :) If you'd like more information, or to send us a submission, then please email hens@womenslibrary.org.uk

One thought on “Determination

  1. Omg it’s my poem :). This just made my day.

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